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Vitera - dietary supplements, complexes for improving immunity

Vitamins to boost immunity. Supplements to strengthen the immune system.

A strong immune system helps to easily overcome seasonal illnesses and effectively fight infections and viruses. Immunity is our most important ally in the fight against harmful microorganisms.
High-quality dietary supplements made in compliance with the highest standards of modern phytoengineering help to strengthen it. Such preparations are based on natural ingredients from plants grown in ecologically clean regions. Vitera offers you just such products.
On our website you can order

  • vitamins to enhance the body's protective functions (Amygdalin B-17);
  • complexes for general strengthening of the body and nervous system (Centavit)
  • amino acids for the assimilation of food proteins in the body (L-Lysine);
  • drugs to strengthen the immune system and protect against viral infections and herpes (Herpesin), etc.

Vitamins to boost immunity. Immunity boosting.

The assortment of the Vitera online store includes many useful supplements with a balanced composition of active ingredients. Timely and controlled use of such products helps to significantly strengthen the body's defenses and improve well-being. 
For example, the Dr. Garlik complex will help to reduce blood lipids and cholesterol levels. "Multivit, designed to improve physical performance and endurance, helps to strengthen the nervous system. 
Potassium and magnesium for the heart are known to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). Our Cardilex contains a complex of bioactive substances to improve the functional state of the cardiovascular system and prevent premature aging.

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