Amygdalin B-17 apricot extract, for strengthening the whole body, 60 capsules

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Amygdalin, known as vitamin B-17 or laetrile, is naturally found in more than 1,000 plants, especially in the kernels of apricot, plum, peach, almond, and apple seeds. The peculiarities of the structure of the amygdalin molecule, which includes hydrocyanic acid in its natural plant form, allows it to be considered as a natural chemotherapeutic agent and may explain its antitumor effect.  Also, amygdalin helps to normalize the work of cell membranes, strengthen the immune system, supports the activity of phagocytosis and can be used as a means of preventing premature aging and the development of pathological processes in the body.

Release form: packaging of 60 capsules of 700 mg.

Ingredients: natural extract of apricot kernels (Prunusarmeniana) – 625 mg, zinc (zinc sulfate) – 20 mg, selenium (sodium hydroselenite) – 25 μg, silicon dioxide, calcium ascorbate.

Recommendations for use: source of biologically active substances, flavonoids, amygdalin (laetrile), carotenoids and vitamins;  contributes to the general strengthening of the body, increasing its protective functions and maintaining the activity of phagocytosis;  prevents premature aging of the body.

Directions: adults 1 capsule 2 times a day after meals with an interval of 8-12 hours, washed down with a glass of water.

Course of admission: 4-6 weeks.  Do not exceed the recommended doses.  According to the doctor’s recommendation, the course of use can be extended and the daily dose can be changed.

Contraindications: individual sensitivity to components, pregnancy, breastfeeding women, children up to 17 years.
Daily intake is 2 capsules.
The package contains 30 daily doses (1 month of intake).
One daily dose contains: natural extract of apricot kernels ((EUGMP) (Prunusarmenia)) – 1250 mg.

Does not contain GMO, sugar, lactose, gluten.  It is not a medicine.
Made from natural plant extracts according to GMP standards.

It is not a medicine.

For strengthening the body
Release form:
60 capsules of 700 mg
Natural extract of apricot kernels (Prunusarmeniana), zinc (zinc sulfate), selenium (sodium hydroselenite), silicon dioxide, calcium ascorbate.
24 March 2024


Оксана Пилипчук
6 September 2023

Беру цей комплекс в боротбі з онкологією, допомагає організму, раніше радили та й сама читала, що треба їсти абрикосові кісточки, а тут в складі досить хороша концентрація самого амігдаліну ( абрикосових кісточок)

6 July 2023

Амігдалін допомагає при різних захворювання організму в боротьбі з цими захворюваннями, зміцнює імунітет, його беруть для підтримки організму з боротьбі з новоутвореннями, хороший комплекс, хороша концентрація амігдаліну, рекомендую !

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Write a review