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Buy vitamins. Melatonin. Vitamins to boost immunity.

To prevent seasonal diseases, it is recommended to regularly support the body with essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals and other active substances. This is especially true in the cold season, during periods of flu and colds, when our immune system needs additional protection.
Vitera creates high-quality herbal products to strengthen the immune system and fight viruses. Our immunity boosting vitamins significantly improve the body's defences.
The range includes a large number of natural-based products for the comprehensive treatment of viral and infectious diseases. The characteristics of dietary supplements are described in detail in the description of each product, so you can easily find the product you need. In particular, auxiliary products for covid are effective.

Natural antibiotics. Cordyceps.

The highly effective Cordyceps Q-10 complex accelerates the recovery of weakened immunity and helps the body resist seasonal diseases.
In addition, the drug has an anti-tumour effect, mitigates the side effects of radio- and chemotherapy, accelerates the process of tissue regeneration, and thus slows down premature aging. You can buy cordyceps and other products for immunological regulation and vitamin deficiency replenishment online at the Vitera website at any time.  

Pills to calm the nervous system. Pills for sleep.

If you are looking for safe sleep tablets, we recommend choosing Melatonin + MgB6. This is an innovative dietary supplement to your diet. The composition of the product helps to improve falling asleep and normalise sleep, and to adapt the body to the rapid change of time zones. It also supports the synthesis of haemoglobin and protein metabolism. 
Order effective Vitera dietary supplements to improve your health and strengthen your immune system to protect yourself from seasonal illnesses! 

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