Gerpesin, strengthening immunity, protection against viral infections, herpes, 60 caps.

For immunity
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Gerpecin is a herbal product to strengthen immunity and protect against viral infections:

  • contains a complex of vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, pectin, fiber and other useful substances;

  • has an adaptogenic, antioxidant effect, will protect against the aggressive influence of environmental factors;

  • normalizes metabolism;

  • stimulates the work of the immune system;

  • strengthens immunity;

  • has an antiviral effect;

  • helps to recover after illnesses and operations.

Ingredients: dried and processed fruits of apples, rose hips, carrots;  grapefruit extract, Echinacea purple herb, L-lysine-50 mg, vitamin C-30 mg.

Characteristics: used for the prevention and complex treatment of herpes, viral and infectious diseases.

Purple echinacea has a bacteriostatic, fungicidal, virostatic and anti-inflammatory effect, suppresses the formation of hyaluronidase, is a strong activator of macrophages, granulocytes and lymphocytes (especially T-lymphocytes), increasing the body’s defenses.

Domesticated carrot (Daucus sativus) Raw carrots have long been recognized as one of the most useful foods.  As a rule, this vegetable is recommended for young children, but it is also useful for adults to include carrots in their diet.  Recent studies by scientists have shown that carrots contain beta-carotene, which improves lung function in both non-smokers and heavy smokers.

Beta-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A and has antioxidant properties (prevents the formation of free radicals).  Beta-carotene is found in carrots, red peppers, pumpkins, mangoes and other red and orange vegetables and fruits, as well as in spinach and broccoli.

Apples.  Apple phytoncides are active against pathogens of dysentery, Staphylococcus aureus, Proteus, influenza A viruses. The antimicrobial activity of phytoncides increases from the periphery of the fruit to the center.  It is recommended to eat apples after a heart attack.

Apples have powerful healing properties: to heal cracked lips, nipples and hands: grate 100 g of apples and mix with animal, pork, goose fat or butter in a 1:1 ratio.  Use at night after washing the skin area with soap.

Effect of the remedy: the bioactive substances of the pill purposefully strengthen the protective functions of the body, stimulate the reproduction of immune cells and the production of interferon, have antiviral properties.  Contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, K, P, PP, pantothenic and folic acids, B-carotene, mineral salts (potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, iodine, phosphorus).

Directions: adults 1-2 tablets.  3 times a day during meals.

The course of admission is 10 days. If necessary, you can repeat after a break of 10-15 days.

Contraindications: individual sensitivity to product components, pregnancy, high fever, autoimmune diseases.

It is not a medicine.

For immunity, For strengthening the body
Release form:
60 capsules of 500 mg
Dried and processed fruits of apples, rose hips, carrots; grapefruit extract, Echinacea purple herb, L-lysine-50 mg., vitamin C-30 mg

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