Milk thistle, provides prevention of liver diseases and biliary tract, 60 tablets

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  • Thistle grass

  • Β-carotene

  • Beet concentrate
  • Salsola L
  • Milk thistle extract (silymarin)

  • Vitamin C – 15 mg

  • Zinc oxide – 2 mg

  • Vitamins: E – 1 mg;  B1 – 0.1 mg;  B2 – 0.1 mg;  selenium – 15 μg


  1. Strengthens the detoxifying properties of the liver;

  2. Prevents the destruction of hepatocytes and promotes the regeneration of liver tissues;

  3. Provides antioxidant protection of the liver and the whole body;

  4. Increases the secretion of bile and enhances the assimilation of fats;

  5. Contributes to the normalization of cholesterol levels.
  6. Supports hormonal balance in the body;

  7. Improves the condition of the skin.

The action of the complex is determined by its ability to provide stimulation of cellular metabolism and activation of protein and phospholipid synthesis in hepatocytes.  Together, this prevents the destruction of cell membranes and the loss of cell components, which, in turn, prevents the penetration of toxins into liver cells and the entire body as a whole.

Directions: for adults, 3 tablets per day half an hour before meals, washed down with water.  The term of admission is 1 month.

Admission course: it is recommended to repeat two or three times a year.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of product components.

Release form: 500 mg tablets in a plastic container of 60 pcs.

 It is not a medicine.

to protect and renew liver cells, normalize the functioning of the liver and biliary tract
Release form:
60 tablets of 500 mg
Milk thistle grass, β-carotene, beet concentrate, Salsola L., milk thistle extract (silymarin), vitamin C – 15 mg, zinc oxide – 2 mg, vitamins: E, B1, B2, selenium

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