Valerin Neuro, remedy for disorders of the nervous system, 30 capsules

Soothing complexes
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Valerin Neuro is a complex preparation based on medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals, a source of magnesium, glacin and vitamins, which helps to improve the psycho-emotional state.

Valerin Neuro is designed to normalize blood pressure and sleep processes, increases mental performance, helps in rehabilitation after excessive stress, nervous and physical exertion, has mild sedative properties, and can be used by people of various professions for the prevention and treatment of stress and nervous exertion.


  • valerian root extracts - 110 mg
  • motherwort - 90 mg
  • lemon balm - 50 mg
  • magnesium sulfate - 300 mg
  • glycine - 50 mg
  • vitamin B4 (choline) - 50 mg
  • vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) - 20 mg
  • vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) - 3 mg
  • vitamin B2 (riboflavin) - 1 mg
  • B7 (biotin) - 300 mcg
  • vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) - 2 mg
  • vitamin B1 (thiamine) - 1 mg
  • vitamin B12 (cyanocyanamine) - 2 mcg
  • vitamin B9 (folic acid) - 300 mcg

 Valerine Neuro is used for:

  1. improving the psycho-emotional state
  2. normalization of blood pressure and sleep processes
  3. increasing mental performanc
  4. improvement of the state of the vegetative-vascular system
  5. rehabilitation after excessive stress, nervous and physical exertion
  6. increase in working capacity

Advantages of "Valerin Cardio" in comparison with analogues:

  1. the most complete balanced spectrum of components, including the elements of rest Mg and B6.
  2. enhanced effect of the components, the effect of 4: Mg, glycine, herbal extracts, B vitamins; no addiction to the remedy;
  3. optimal combination of medicinal herbs with sedative and hypnotic effects + trace elements (Mg) and vitamins (B);
  4. mild supportive effect during the time required to relieve stress, relax and rest the body
  5. absence of dyes, flavors and shells, which ensures the most natural composition, eliminating side effects on the body.

Release form: 30 capsules of 700 mg.

Directions: adults take 1 capsule 1-2 times a day before meals, washed down with water. The course of use is 2-4 weeks. The course of use may be extended upon a doctor's recommendation. A doctor's consultation is required before use.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to certain components, pregnancy, lactation, children under 16.

Side effects: no side effects have been identified if the dosage is observed. In case of an overdose, allergic reactions are possible in case of hypersensitivity to the drug components.

Storage conditions: shelf life: 3 years. Store at a temperature between 1°C and +30°C, relative humidity not exceeding 75%.

Not a medicinal product.

For the nervous system, For mental performance , For strengthening the body
Release form:
30 capsules of 700 mg
Valerian root extracts, motherwort, lemon balm, magnesium sulfate, glycine, vitamin B4, vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin B2, B7, B6, B1, B12, B9
29 September 2023

Хороший комплекс, правда п'ю його лише на ніч, так як вдень хилить на сон після прийому

6 September 2023

Стала дуже нервова, роздратована, сплю наче добре, але просто не могла тримати себе в руках, все завжди мені було не так, почала зриватись на людях - глянула на цей комплекс, побачила легку седативну дію і заспокійливу дію.
Взяла спробувати - приймаю лише тиждень, але потрішки проходить роздратування,з'явилось більше енергії чомусь, спала і так не погано, але спати стала ще краще, і що цікаво, я п'.ю капсулу зранку і капсулу увечері, зранку після прийому спати не хочеться, навпаки є енергія для роботи. Звісно, ще не все пройшло, але на тиждень того часу мало, поки я бачу деякий результат

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