Phytocard, for normalization and stabilization of blood pressure, 60 tablets

Cardiovascular system
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  • Astragalus grass;

  • Motherwort grass;

  • Calendula flowers;

  • Fruits and flowers of hawthorn;

  • Medicinal valerian root;

  • Medicinal Eleutherococcus root;

  • Carrot fruits;

  • Beetroot fruits,

  • Vitamin C;

  • Excipients

 Product properties:

  1. Is the richest source of phytonutrients, vitamins, micro- and macroelements;

  2. Contribute to the normalization and stabilization of blood pressure;

  3. Prevent the occurrence of hypertension and can be used in its complex therapy;

  4. Contribute to the prevention of diseases accompanied by heart rhythm disturbances (palpitations, angina pectoris, tachycardia, extrasystole, cardioneurosis);

  5. Contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases;

  6. Improve blood supply;

  7. Have a positive effect on the central and peripheral nervous system, reduce its excitement, contribute to the normalization of sleep, reduce nervousness;

  8. Improve the condition of vegetative-vascular dystonia and neuroses;

  9. Have hypotensive, antispasmodic, diuretic, sedative, tonic and antioxidant effects.

Directions: for adults, 1 tablet three times a day for a month.

Admission course: it is recommended to repeat two or three times a year.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of product components.

Release form: 500 mg tablets in a plastic container of 60 pcs.

It is not a medicine.

For the cardiovascular system, For the nervous system, For strengthening the body
Release form:
60 tablets of 500 mg

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