Cascara Sagrada, for the proper functioning of the intestines, 60 capsules

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«Cascara Sagrada» (root + extract France)

Cascara Sagrada is a shrub (small trees) whose bark contains anthraquinones: glucofrangulin, frangulin, emodin and isoemodin, which determine the ability of the plant to cleanse the intestines, increasing its peristalsis and healing mucous membranes.  Cascara Sagrada (buckthorn Pursha) is considered one of the best remedies for chronic constipation and the most effective herbal laxative.  Cascara Sagrada reduces fermentation and putrefactive processes in the intestines, has a disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, removes worms and parasites.  Restores intestinal tone, stimulates the secretion of the entire digestive system and intestinal peristalsis.  The laxative effect appears 8-10 hours after taking the drug.  Cascara Sagrada is also indicated for varicose veins, high blood pressure, diseases of the liver and gall bladder (stones in the gall bladder), hemorrhoids, anal fissures.  Magnesium in the composition of the complex helps to increase the amount of water in the intestines and relax its muscles, helps to initiate intestinal peristalsis and helps to eliminate constipation.

Release form: packaging of 60 capsules of 700 mg, use as needed – does not require course use.

Ingredients: cascara sagrada extract – 450 mg, cascara sagrada root – 200 mg, magnesium dioxide, silicon dioxide, gelatin capsule.

Recommendations for use: dietary supplement to the diet – a source of active pectins and flavonoids;  contributes to the normalization of the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, digestion processes and the removal of helminths and their decomposition products from the intestines;  improves intestinal motility and prevents constipation;  has mild laxative properties.

Directions: adults 1-2 capsules before going to bed, washed down with water. If necessary, use it in the evening before going to bed.

Course of reception: 1 week, after that, to avoid habituation, it is necessary to take a break.  On the recommendation of the doctor, the course of admission can be changed.  Consult your doctor before use.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components;  pregnancy;  breastfeeding women;  children up to 14 years, acute intestinal disorders.

It is not a medicine.

For the gastrointestinal tract
Release form:
60 capsules of 700 mg
Cascara sagrada extract, cascara sagrada root, magnesium dioxide, silicon dioxide, gelatin capsule
Оксана Яцюк
25 April 2024

Ця каскара саграда діє, але лише за умови, що після прийому капсули ви її запиваєте стаканом води, вона має легкий послаблюючий ефект, тому тим, хто чекає швидкого і різкого результату вона не підійде

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