Eskuvit, complex of vitamins for varicose veins, eliminates fatigue, tension, 60 capsules

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  • Chestnut seeds and flowers;
  • Tomato fruit extract (lycopene);
  • Currant leaves;
  • Rosehip fruits;
  • Carrot powder;
  • Vitamin PP;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Zinc;
  • Other excipients.

 Product properties:

  1. Helps to improve the condition of venous insufficiency, especially in the extremities and varicose veins;
  2. Helps to eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the legs, fatigue, tension, itching;
  3. Normalizes the rheological properties of blood and improves its microcirculation, especially peripheral;
  4. Contributes to the elimination of venous blood stasis, prevents the formation and growth of thrombosis phenomena;
  5. Tones and strengthens vessel walls;
  6. Reduces capillary permeability and fragility;
  7. Lowers the level of low-density lipoproteins («bad cholesterol») in the blood;
  8. Has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, contributes to the prevention of vascular diseases;
  9. Has a venotonic and angioprotective effect, has anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, has a general strengthening effect;
  10. Enriches the diet with bioflavonoids, organic acids, vitamins and minerals, and other necessary phytonutrients;
  11. Helps to cleanse blood vessels and the whole body.

Directions: 1 tablet three times a day for a month.

Admission course: it is recommended to repeat two or three times a year.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of product components.

Release form: 500 mg tablets in a plastic container of 60 pcs.

It is not a medicine.

For musculoskeletal system, For the cardiovascular system
Release form:
60 capsules of 500 mg
Chestnut seeds and flowers; tomato fruit extract (lycopene); currant leaves; rosehip fruits; carrot powder; vitamin PP; vitamin C; zinc; other excipients

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