Bodiformin, a vitamin complex for the normalization of metabolism, 60 capsules

For weight loss
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Ingredients :

  • Green tea extract;
  • Pineapple extract;
  • Milk thistle extract;
  • Ginseng root extract;
  • Rosehip fruits;
  • Vitamin C – 15 mg;
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 0.4 mg;
  • Vitamin B4 (choline) – 10 mg;
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) – 0.5 mg;
  • Vitamin B8 (inositol) – 10 mg;
  • Vitamin B9 (folic acid) – 0.1 mg;
  • Vitamin PP – 2 mg;
  • Vitamin E – 1 mg;

 Excipients: calcium stearate, milk sugar, silicon oxide for capsules.

 Properties: the vitamin complex included in the product contributes to the acceleration and normalization of fat metabolism, the utilization of fats and cholesterol, the removal of toxic substances from the body, normalizes the work of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, has a tonic, antioxidant and tonic effect, promotes the synthesis of proteins and  affect the state of the nervous and vascular systems, normalize carbohydrate and protein metabolism, digestion, work of the liver, heart, stomach, and duodenum, reduce the impact of allergens, and increase the body’s protective properties.

Active ingredients:

Activate the burning and disposal of fats, significantly reduce the possibility of new fat deposits;

Contribute to the improvement and acceleration of metabolism;

Reduce intoxication and help cleanse the body;

Contribute to improving the work of the gastrointestinal tract;

Improve the function of the cardiovascular system, blood composition;

Create favorable conditions for the normalization of the intestinal microflora, improving the functioning of the liver and biliary systems;

Normalize the functions of the central and peripheral nervous system;

Contribute to the normalization of the skin condition;

Provide an antioxidant, general strengthening, tonic and immunomodulating effect, prevent early aging and activate the regeneration of cells of organs and systems of the body.

Description of active ingredients :

Green tea extract contains caffeine, catechins, polyphenols, gallic acid, theophylline, theobromine, xanthine, adenine, hypoxanthine, paraxanthine, methylxanthine, isatin, and other biologically active substances.

 Caffeine contained in green tea extract activates the release of fats from fat cells and thereby stimulates enzyme activity, increasing the body’s energy.  The phenolic compounds of the extract contribute to the efficient assimilation of caffeine, allowing to avoid overexcitation of the central nervous system and effectively reduce the assimilation of fats in food, while contributing to an increase in the body’s energy expenditure.  Biologically active substances of green tea reduce the level of «harmful» cholesterol, lower insulin and blood glucose levels, improve metabolism, normalize heart activity, strengthen blood vessels, increase work capacity and activity, relieve fatigue and depression, have antioxidant, diuretic properties.  Green tea prevents premature aging of the body.

Pineapple extract, with a high content of the vegetable proteolytic enzyme bromelain, is a powerful accelerator of carbohydrate and protein metabolism, helps to cleanse the intestines, removes the products of carbohydrate metabolism and toxic substances from the body, improves digestion and normalizes the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, prevents the concentration of fats in the blood.  The high content of potassium salts in pineapple helps to remove excess fluid.

Ginseng root contains a large amount of plant glycosides, enzymes, vitamins, trace elements, pectin substances, stearates and other biologically active substances.  Ginseng root accelerates the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, has a strong tonic, stimulating, general strengthening effect, powerful antioxidant properties, increases the performance and resistance of the psyche to stress, and the body to emotional and physical stress, helps to strengthen immunity and restore strength after illnesses and fatigue  , improves blood composition and contributes to the normalization of the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Milk thistle contains a wide range of biologically active substances (more than 400).  Contributes to the improvement of the functioning of most organs and systems of the human body.  The most important biologically active substances of milk thistle are silymarin (a complex of flavolignans – silibinin, silydianin, silicristin), saponins, biogenic amines, ancoloids, and minerals.

Silymarin has a pronounced protective (protecting) function and restores liver cells, has an antioxidant, detoxifying (detoxifying toxins and poisons) effect.  Silymarin is currently the only known natural compound that protects liver cells and restores its functions.  This property is very important, since the liver plays one of the most important roles in fat metabolism and removes toxins from the body, which are formed in the process of vital activity of the body, including in the process of fat metabolism.

An important property of milk thistle is its detoxifying, adsorbing, choleretic functions and ability to improve intestinal motility.

Rosehip stimulates metabolism, reduces body intoxication, stimulates regenerative functions of organs, activates immunity and protective properties of the body, reduces capillary fragility, exhibits choleretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties.  Biologically active substances of rose hips help reduce body intoxication, improve the condition and normalize the intestinal microflora, improve digestion, stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, activate intestinal peristalsis, help reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood and normalize liver function.  They also contribute to the acceleration of fat metabolism, stimulating the body’s energy needs;  have a tonic effect on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, normalize hormonal processes in the body, stimulate the function of collagen-synthesizing cells.

Release form: 60 capsules of 500 mg in a plastic container

Directions: for adults, 1 capsule 3 times a day during meals, washed down with water.  Period of use: 1 month.

If necessary, the course can be repeated 2-3 times a year. Consult your doctor before use.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of the components

It is not a medicine

To reduce weight , For the gastrointestinal tract, For the nervous system, For the cardiovascular system, For beauty and health
Release form:
60 capsules of 500 mg

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